what they say


This is one of the top ten pitches I've ever seen.

—Disney executive + 20-year venture investor

Your story helped us raise another $40 million.

co-founder of a new venture fund in Silicon Valley

You did an outstanding job of stripping the bs away and getting me to me. I am so freakin excited. This is going to be a home run.

—regional biotech sales leader + speaker

Your advice and perspective has been invaluable.

—a philanthropist, angel investor, public speaker, + 25-year veteran at one of the leading venture capital firms in Silicon Valley

Somehow you combined the skillsets of an investigative journalist, a captivating storyteller, and a brilliant graphic designer into one package that helped me to shape this presentation and give the talk of my life. There is no one in the world who I would recommend more highly for talk development.

—emerging leader at a fortune 50 company + TED organizer

As a first time TED speaker I was so nervous, and you made this all so much easier and fun. It’s so important to note that the slides you made for me have been central to the positive feedback I’ve gotten from so many people. Your ability to display difficult to understand data in ways that will connect with people is uncanny. I credit you largely with the fact that my TED talk went from local to global.

—professor of education at a big ten research university + featured TED speaker

We’ve all been blown away by the presentations. Your flexibility in taking on this project with just a few weeks to produce something high quality speaks volumes about your incredible energy and proven process for storytelling.

—executive producer + director of online learning for a top ten business school

I have been thrilled with the response I’ve received from the New Thinkers video and know that I have you to thank for all of your excellent work. For the first time, my family and friends were able to understand what I do for a living! Thanks again for all of your wonderful work and for your kindness and support.

—professor of finance at a top ten business school