I often work with speakers giving a presentation about a project that involves a bigger team. In nearly every case the speaker proposes including a slide with the team members listed on it, a list of committees or departments associated with the project, etc. I always counsel against this and am usually met with resistance. I think that resistance is noble: we want to give credit to others and not make it look like we did all the work ourselves. I get that.

But it is far more powerful to tell a story about your project team. Tell the audience what makes this team special, what's the thread that binds everyone together (high-performing teams usually have strong shared values). That story honors the team in a much more memorable way than a list on a slide.

For a compelling illustration of this, watch an awards show like the Oscars and notice that 90% of the acceptance speeches are boring, rattled-off lists of names we don't even know. What a missed opportunity. The best acceptance speeches use storytelling to talk about what we value.