MIT Sloan
School of Management

Making academic research accessible to all

Project breakdown

10 weeks, from contract to filming at WGBH Studios in Boston, MA

11 published videos (192 minutes of edited video produced by MPN Distribution)

26 one-on-one interviews with 11 PhDs (including one Nobel Laureate)

24 days of onsite support

1,374 Amtrak miles, 600 driving miles (in between record-breaking blizzards)

capabilities: strategy, writing, design, story-boarding, illustration, project management, production, on-site coaching, inter-agency collaboration


The background

In early 2015, the MIT Sloan School of Management embarked on an ambitious experiment to make their breakthrough ideas and thought leaders accessible to a broader audience. They envisioned the New + Great Thinkers series of videos, in which the cutting edge post-doctoral research of their tenure-track faculty would be presented through 18-minute TED-inspired talks, and the decades of thought leadership among their most senior faculty would be shared in “Charlie Rose” style interviews.


The Problem

Specialized industry knowledge, such as that earned through years of research conducted by PhDs in finance, economics, and organizational design, is often steeped in communication protocols and "shorthand" understood by a limited audience of industry insiders. Transforming theoretical and practical breakthroughs into user-friendly insights and takeaways for MBA prospects, general business audiences, and curious consumers at large required simple frameworks, plain language, and interactive visuals that would accelerate the real-time learning journey.  


How we helped

We partnered with each of these thinkers to unpack and humanize their ideas, making them accessible to a broader audience. We also partnered with the studio team during filming and post production to adhere to the original vision.


creative highlights