The Office of Creative Engagement at J&J

How to make a grass roots movement stick

Project breakdown

4 weeks from initial white-boarding session to final narrative

branding for a new function at J&J: The Office of Creative Engagement

a 260-word creative manifesto

8 miniature case studies of impact, featuring community members and their stories of new value creation



The background

Steve Garguilo is on a mission to “unbury and liberate” the ideas and ingenuity that have a tendency to get lost in the corporate jargon and bureaucratic processes that often dominate large organizations.


The problem

Having successfully launched a grass roots initiative at J&J in 2011 and built an internal communications platform for 11,000 self-proclaimed “instigators” to share their ideas and collaborate to create new value across J&J, Steve was looking to formalize his organization and its offering in order to accelerate membership growth and scale.


How we helped

We created a stand-alone narrative that helped transform what started as a grass roots initiative at the periphery of J&J into a core strategic imperative for the future. The narrative gave Steve a core set of talking points and proof points to educate leaders and further cultivate sponsors and membership across J&J. 

The following year, membership more than doubled to 23,000.


creative highlights