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    tell their story.


    We are a strategy and storytelling studio. We help leaders and their teams bring their purpose, vision, values, work, and thinking to life in a way that inspires and activates others—to invest, to join, to partner, to advocate, to think differently. We believe that the best stories are true stories that awaken our senses, cause us to feel deeply, and make us think. In other words, great stories transform.


    We believe that every story is an opportunity to change the world, and we treat every engagement that way. We know that when our clients present themselves as their most authentic self, they inspire others to do the same. That's how we're making the world a better place—one story, one client, one commitment at a time.

  • What our clients say.

    Our clients include VCs, entrepreneurs, CEOs, thought leaders, philanthropists, and educators — the trusted voices of early stage companies, venture funds, foundations, and academia.

    "Your words made me cry."

    global philanthropist, public speaker, and private investor

    "You did an outstanding job of stripping the bs away and getting me to me. I am so freakin excited. This is going to be a home run."

    regional biotech sales leader and speaker, TEDxJnJ 2015

    "This is one of the top ten pitches I've ever seen." 

    Disney executive and 20-year venture investor

    "Your story helped us raise another $40 million."

    co-founder of a new venture fund in Silicon Valley

    "We’ve all been blown away by the presentations. Your flexibility in taking on this project with just a few weeks to produce something high quality speaks volumes about your incredible energy and proven process for storytelling."

    executive producer and director of online learning for a top ten business school

    "Your advice and perspective has been invaluable."


    a philanthropist, angel investor, public speaker, and 25-year veteran at one of the leading venture capital firms in Silicon Valley


    "I have been thrilled with the response I've received from the New Thinkers video and know that I have you to thank for all of your excellent work. For the first time, my family and friends were able to understand what I do for a living! Thanks again for all of your wonderful work and for your kindness and support."

    professor of finance at a top ten business school

  • Why I do what I do.

    Stacey Estrella is the founder of humanifesto studios. She partners with talented designers to create powerful narratives and TED-inspired talks that reflect the true nature and calling of her clients, helping them inspire and motivate their audience.

    Stacey Estrella, Founder

    I love words.

    I've loved them from the first moment I learned to make them myself. Back then, words opened up new worlds for me—by connecting me with others, and making me feel empowered. Today, they pretty much have the same effect, only my words are in service of others.


    There are few things more magical or gratifying than finding the right words in the right combinations that capture the essence of my clients—who they are, what they do, how they do it, and why it matters. As a colleague once described it, "a good narrative feels inevitable."


    There is a feeling and a sound to authenticity and I know when I've found it.


    While today's communication is dominated by scrolling headlines and 140 character soundbites, the brand narrative becomes ever more valuable to organizations that aspire to do great work and build deep, meaningful relationships with customers, partners, employees, and investors.  


    Done right, a brand narrative provides a higher calling, brings people together, creates broad understanding, sharpens priorities, catalyzes action, and inspires commitment. Done wrong, a brand narrative feels like self-serving propaganda and inspires more questions than answers.


    I want to live in a world where more people are inspired by what they do, how they do it, and why. Where every day is a conscious act to make the world a better place through the choices and contributions we make—the products and services we buy, the companies we invest in, the places we work, the relationships we create.


    Good brands become great brands when they allow us—their customers, employees, partners, and investors—to connect with our best and highest self. It is my belief that every brand has this potential if they are willing to do the work, and it is my purpose to help them discover, declare, and bring to life the best of who they are and the future they want to create.



  • Ideas, insights, and best practices.

    We've developed and curated ideas, insights, and best practices on what it means to be a great brand, what it takes to tell a great story, and what's required to create, lead, and inspire an organization with purpose. 


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